October 13, 2008

Twin Cities Live & more Pageant Stuff!

So I'm working backwards, there's just way to much going on for 1 post! Friday, we took the girls to a LIVE taping of Twin Cities Live! It was so fun, they got goodie bags, won free stuff, and got to be on t.v. We had a fun group of ladies join us. Then it was off to dress rehearsals! Here's a few pictures from the day:
Angie, Kelsey and Me before taping.
All the girls before taping begins.
Some of the ladies after the LIVE taping.Me and Angie.
Saturday morning, I was up and at it again at 7:30 am! Am I crazy? I think so. I was off to get coffee, and head of to meet our judges for orientation.

Judy, Me and Kathy in coordinating colors. I promise we didn't plan it, we're just that in tune with each other! :)

Our 2009 Judges Panel


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