October 2, 2008

Working girl goes to Springfield- Part deux

It's day 1 of this conference, and I rolled into my hotel room at about 8 PM, just in time to change and turn on the VP debate. It was a long day, waking up at my normal time of 6 AM, getting ready, headed to the hotel dining room for breakfast, grabbed Starbucks as I headed to the shuttle to ride on over to the conference. The seminar began at 9 AM, and lasted till 7:45 PM. It was a seriously long day..... by the time I made it here I was ready to relax.
It was a great day, lots of information to take in. I was especially interested in the legal part of the seminar, concerning the legal aspects of the church and what are and aren't our liabilities in the church. Later on this afternoon, Sue my co-worker took me over the Headquarters, and gave me her own personal tour of the Mecca! It was awesome!
Tomorrow we start all over again in the morning, same time, same routine. Only we get done at 3 PM, and not 8. Then we'll head to Kansas City to stay over night, and then head home to Minnesota. I'm already counting down the hours till I get to see my Hubby!
It's only 9:19, but I am tired.... I don't have much energy tonight! Plus, I'm trying to listen to Sarah and concentrate on this debate...... till next time... toodles!


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