October 1, 2008

Working girl goes to Springfield

I've been in a car for the last few hours, headed to Springfield for a work trip. I got into my office around 7:30 am, and did a little work, answered a few emails, checked my phone messages before getting in a car to make the trip to Springfield, MO. I'm writing now in my hotel room, thinking I should probably get some sleep for the conference tomorrow.
I've been able to travel all over the state of Minnesota for my job since I started in November, it has it's advantages, and disadvantages but for the most part I love my job. I don't however love being away from my Hubby for days at a time. To bad I couldn't pack him in my suitcase.
After a long trip here all day long we got into Springfield about 7 PM, headed straight to dinner, and then checked into our hotel. After turning on the lap top and answering the days emails I find myself here at 10:19 PM unwinding, and thinking about turning in.
I'll be here till Friday late afternoon, and then we will make our way back to Minneapolis, with a stay in Kansas City for the night. Saturday sometime, I'll be home again in my own bed. Even though these hotel beds are pretty great, I'd still love to be at home with hubby & Bentley!
I'm not sure what to expect from this conference, I'm the newbie.... but I am going to learn, take it all in, and absorb what I can and be thankful that I have a job, and get to travel and go to some fun places. It's an adventure, I've never been to Springfield or Missouri for that matter other than driving through once.
Till tomorrow, when I have more to say about this trip, and might possibly know what this conference entails......


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