December 9, 2008

5 Things!

I've kept a journal every year since I was in 5th grade! Today, I have over 15 journals sitting in a box. Each year at Christmas, my Mother has gotten me a journal to continue this tradition. Journaling is where my love of writing sparked, and the idea of thoughts to paper became therapy for me. Over the years those journals have held my most private thoughts, dreams, goals, and prayers. They have given me an outlet to say whatever I wanted to. Sometimes I look back, and different years and read what was going on in life at the time. The trials and tribulations of a 5th grader are much different to what my life looks like now. But in every year, I look back and see growth, and change good and bad, and where I've come in that year.
Having Joy, is about a choice we make. Just like Love is a choice we make. It's not about circumstances, or where you are at in life, but it's about choosing to have Joy in your life beyond what's going on in your life, or around you. I am learning this one day at a time.
Now, in my journals daily beyond anything else that's going on in my day, or what happened that made me mad, sad, happy, or whatever I try to find 5 things in my daily life that bring me joy and make me happy. Before I write about anything else, I write 5 things that bring me joy or make me happy that day.
I feel like if I can't find at least 5 things each day worth living for and being happy about then I need to change my attitude and me and Jesus need to have a chat! It's been a refreshing change for me to sit, and reflect about the good that happened in the day, and the things in life that I have to be happy about and look forward to. It's then that you really start to live the life you were meant to live.
My challenge for you, find 5 things each day that bring you joy, and make you happy!


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