December 27, 2008

A Merry Worley Christmas & a Proposal.....

Our 2008 Christmas Card

It's Saturday
after Christmas and I am here in cold, icy, Iowa for the weekend. Orion and I spent Christmas Eve at home in Minnesota, due to the fact that he works the day after and has no time to take off. We decided to start our own holiday traditions at our house. Christmas Eve I worked, and Orion was home sick, still! Then later, I had a not so great run in with our espresso machine. I burned my hand really bad I spent Christmas eve in pain with my hand in pain. But, my Hubby was great as always. He took great care of me.

Christmas day, Orion and I spent a quiet evening at home. I was doped up on pain killers, and my hand was still hurting. He made the meal, and everything. I'm so proud of him, and really blessed to have such a great hubby. This year Christmas wasn't about gifts for us, it was about being together and making memories. It was fun just the two of us.

Friday, Orion and I worked. He worked the International finance world, while I battled off crazy shoppers at Crate & Barrel for the day after Christmas sale! One word: nuts!

Friday night we headed into a fog storm to Iowa. The closer we got to Iowa the thicker the fog got! But, we made it home safe.

This morning Orion and I spent Christmas with my family at my parents house playing games, listening to Christmas music and eating way to much! I love the holidays with my family, and even though this year wasn't quite how it usually goes despite it all it turned out pretty great!

Now...on to the proposal.....

My step brother Justin, got engaged to his gf on Christmas cute! Here's how he did it... His girlfriend Jenn is reading the Twlight series, and he bought her the 3rd installment of the book and gave it to her on Christmas eve....on the cover of the book was a note that said: "turn to the ending of the book." On the last page, was her ring dangling from the book...just like a book mark and he then asked her to marry him. Soooo cute! We're excited for them! A Christmas proposal...maybe it'll be a Christmas wedding! Congrats to them!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!
pics to come soon!


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