December 9, 2008

{Christmas Playlist}

There's a few things I LOVE about Christmas, and Holiday music is one of them. I wait for the first of December so I can turn on the radio and hear Christmas music blasting all month long. I love everything about this time of year, the white lights, the trees, the smell of cookies, and cinnamon! Here's a few of my favorite Christmas songs:

{Christmas Playlist}
1. O Holy Night- by far my favorite Christmas Carol
2. Santa Baby- just a fun song, so cute!
3. Baby It's Cold Outside- Orion and I sing this together, it's cute!
4. All I want for Christmas Is You!- Mariah Carey.... also one of my all time favs!
5. My Grown Up Christmas List- I love this song, it's inspiring to me
And, if you want some recommendations on what albums to buy for your Christmas Party this year, here's a few of my favs!
1. These are the Special Times- Celine Dion
2. Merry Christmas- Mariah Carey
3. White Christmas- Martina McBride
4. Nsync* Christmas- you think I'm joking...but it's awesome.
5. Jessica Simpson's Christmas album...has some really cute songs on it.
Happy baking, hanging lights, wrapping presents and decorating your tree!


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