December 22, 2008

Hello, again!

I have been MIA for the last couple days, so I thought it best to re-connect and let you in on what's been going on the last couple days. Well, the weekend was crazy! It's been snowing here in MN like crazy, in case you missed it. They even canceled the last Hollidazzle parade due to the cold, it was to cold for the parade of lights! But that wasn't the hi light of my weekend. Everyday last week it took me an hour or more to drive home from Crate.

Thursday, Hubby started to get sick. We missed out on Jessie's grad party due to this. But it was better to stay home and take care of him.

Friday, he stayed home from work hoping to get better. This resulted in him getting worse. By Saturday night, he was running a fever of 101.6!!! Yikes!

Sunday, he stayed home from church. I braved the cold, and snow and icy roads to trip it to church to represent us Worleys! Sunday afternoon I headed to the drug store and got meds, chicken soup, and Kleenex! All in efforts to make hubby better. Sunday night his temp hit 102!!! I was starting to get worried, so I called my nurse friend and got the scoop on what we should do.

Today, Orion's temp was back to normal and he headed to work. By 11 am he was calling me saying he was coming home because he felt sick. That's when it hit 102.7! We had to wait for him to get into the doc till later night, but he went and found out he has a bacterial infection of sorts. He got some meds, and a note from the Doc excusing him from work for the next 24 hours!! Lucky!!

Anyway, his temps are down for now I am happy to report! This sickness, is serious stuff. I am just hoping to have him better for Christmas.

So that's pretty much it, I spent the whole weekend playing nurse to my sick hubby! Husbands are pretty helpless when they are sick. I was happy to take care of him though.

In the meantime, I did laundry, make Christmas cookies, and finished my Christmas cards!

It's 3 days till Christmas eve, and I am getting excited. Even though I wish that we could be with our families this year I am looking forward to spending the days with Orion making our own traditions.

PS- I am loving all the Christmas cards I am getting in the mail...and all the letters from families telling us what they have been up to.

Look for my "Year in Review" to come soon!!!



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