April 1, 2009

Dacing Fever!

If you haven't been watching, you're missing out! The last two nights of DWTS was incredible! Every time I watch the show it makes me want to be out there with them having just as much fun, and last nights was no exception! They did three really amazing group dances with the pros, so much fun. What was a stake? Double Elimination! After a high energy night on Monday, with the first 10 of the season, and first perfect scores, everything was pushed into high gear. Sadly, Holly & Dimitry, Karina & The Woz were voted off last night. Leaving 9 couple left to battle it out. Here's my faves from who remains!
Shawn & Mark: she's from Iowa, and I love her...ok! But she's also a awesome dancer too! They are a perfect mix, I love to watch them!
Lacy & Steve-O: Let me make a correction, I love Lacey. I'm not so jazzed about Steve-O, but because he's with her I like them together. She's the rebel, the daring one on the dance floor. And, she's a real woman with a "real" body type and I love that even more. This is her 2nd season on DWTS and I hope she stays on for a while, she brings freshness to the floor!

Chuck & Julianne: They are the couple next door. I love Julianne as a dancer, and this year dancing with her real life love has got me hooked on what they are going to do next, and what chemistry we'll see on the floor from these two. Keep watching!
Melissa & Tony: First of all...she's amazing! She's a fabulous dancer, and every week she proves it. She's a contender for sure! I love seeing her do so well, after her last blunder with reality t.v. She's got an amazing fan base as well, I think everyone wants to see her do well. Me included.
Cherly & Gilles': She's awesome. He's awesome. Together they are fabulous! They got the first perfect score of the season on Monday night! Cheryl has been a long time favorite of mine! She was my first pro that I really feel in love with, her choreography is awesome, and I think she really brings out the best in her partner.
Top 3 picks:
(who I think will make it into the finals)
Cheryl & Gilles'
Melissa & Tony
Shawn & Mark
Bottom 3 for next week:
(my predictions)
Steve-O & Lacey
David & Kim
Edyta & Lawrence


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