April 25, 2009

BBG: 3 week Update!

It's been 3 weeks since I started challenging myself to live healthier! Things have been going better than I thought, I've been making better choices when it comes to diet, totally cut back on sugars, and unnecessary foods. I'm feeling pretty great! One of the things that the BBG plan challenges you to do is keep a food journal! Now, at first when I read that, I thought to myself "There's no way, I want to write now everything that I eat in a day. Sick! Who does that?"

Sick was right! I decided to succumb to the challenge and after just a few days of writing down every last morsel I ate, I knew exactly where I could make better choices, or what I really didn't need to eat.

So, the idea of a "food journal" might seem a little weird, but it's a tool the designed to help you keep track of calories & fat intake and also help you to see what you're eating patters are like. It's totally helped me, I am more aware and conscious of what I am eating these days.

After week 1, I lost 2 lbs.
After week 3, I've lost a total of 9 lbs.

My workout plan:
I hate going to the gym, but more so I hate paying to workout! So, I workout at home. Here's what I'm doing:
M, W, F: Cardio dance workout 30 min.
T, Th: Pilates 30 min
Sat: 1 hour walks with Hubby & Bentley
Sun: rest!
What I eat:
(here's just a sample)
Breakfast: toast w/ peanut butter or oatmeal
Lunch: Mixed greens salad & turkey wrap
Dinner: Grilled Chicken Salad or Some kind of whole wheat pasta
I've found the trick for me is cutting back my portions, no seconds-when I'm full I'm done.
More water- 8 or more glasses a day
Reading the labels and treating myself to 2 Girl Scout cookies when I feel like it!

Till next time!


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