April 13, 2009

Blog Roll Monday: 2 blogs in one!

This week's blog post is double the fun! First up; Adam & Julie. My friend that I've known since Jr. High (we were Lobo cheerleaders together) and her hubby Adam! I love keeping up on them through their blog page, and reading all about their adventures. They prove that having a blog can help you stay connected to your friends, and feel apart of their lives even when they live so far away!

Next up; Andrea Worley Photography . This blog really needs to introduction, because it's my other blog. You've heard me talk about it here many times, so I won't go on and on about it. I will say, jump on over and hear what I'm currently working on.

And because no posts are complete without pictures, here's one from a wedding Orion and I went to last Fall. A friend just emailed it to me today!

Happy Monday everyone!


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