April 6, 2009

Blog Roll Monday: 4 Reluctant Entertainers!

This week's blog: 4 Reluctant Entertainers

The idea behind this blog is, (straight from her)
My name is Sandy Coughlin, and a little over 2 years ago when I started Reluctant Entertainer, I was on a two-part mission. Well, let’s make it three! One – To help reluctant hostesses become confident and gracious. Two – To inspire the hostess who was stuck in an entertainment rut – to find new ways to express herself. Three – To write inspiring posts that display a simple and attainable approach toward entertaining with passion, and to include beautiful real life photography from my home. To share stories, traditions and memories – all written for passing down to my children.

I was introduced to this great blog, by another blog that I read. I've been reading for about a year now, and I really love it. I love entertaining in my own, and so this blog is perfect for me! Sandy, who lives in Oregon writes about anything and everything that has to do with entertaining, food, family, and friends. The greatest thing about her blog and why I love it so much is her fresh take on entertaining and the idea that you don't have to go broke to have a great home, or entertain well in it!

I love that! Because I am thrifty, and creative in this way I love her blog. She offers such great ways to do things you may have never thought of before, great recipes and ideas to. Plus, there's this Biblical perspective that she has to her life, and style that I just love!

If you love to entertaining, or want to know more about it check out her blog! If you're a beginner just starting out with the idea of entertaining in your home this blog is for you. Happy reading & entertaining!

Next week: Adam & Julie


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