April 18, 2009

Fantastic Friday: Kisses & Disses

I missed my normal Friday posts, because I was frantically trying to get packed and ready to leave for home yesterday. Orion and I are in Iowa this weekend for my nephew's 1st birthday! I can't wait for the party and later today I am taking his "first year" pictures. So anyway, we're coming two posts into one on this fine Saturday morning! Stay tuned for lots and lots of pictures, and always exciting stories!

KISSES, to getting to go home this weekend and see family! I'll be in IA for the next 10 days! WHOO HOO!
KISSES, my nephew turning 1 on Sunday!
KISSES, figuring out somethings in life, we're on a new new journey!
KISSES, really great friends... we love you Jason & Jessica!
KISSES, bath time with my nieces last night!
DISSES, to not getting the job this week! They don't know what they're missin'!
DISSES, to going to the Dr. this week and having 4 viles of blood drawn! I don't do well at Doctors!
DISSES, meeting with our Realtor this week! yuck!
DISSES, car troubles this week.. nuff said!
DISSES, Mr. Bentley who threw up in our bed Friday morning! Gross.
DISSES, our trash man who didn't take all the trash on Monday!


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