June 21, 2012

Everyday Victories in Motherhood

As mothers we all have those every day small victories that get us through the day or week. Maybe you conquered the piles of laundry that were building up, or maybe your child finally mastered potty training, or maybe you spent a morning just you and it made you a better mother. Victories all around. 

I think sometimes as mothers it's the small things that make a big impact, I know for me it does. Sometimes just finding fruits that she loves and will eat are a victory for me! Ava turned two in March and it's been amazing to me a little switch that's happened. It's like she woke up and decided she knew exactly what she wanted and didn't want. 

She's been exerting that will ever since. She's become very particular about what she does and doesn't want. The foods she wants to eat or drink. Lately my biggest challenging has come from getting dressed in the mornings. Ava goes to daycare during the week and they have some rules about things she can or can't wear, one being that all the kids have to wear close toed shoes. 

Ava's become obsessed with sandals, especially her sparkly ones. That's all she wears on the weekends, last week to church she wore sandals that didn't match because she didn't want to wear the shoes I picked for her. For me, as a mom it's become what do I really want to battle with her about and what don't I? Anyone else with me? 

She wants to wear her tutus more than pants. She wears her sunglasses everywhere, and I've been told on many occasions that she takes naps in them at daycare. The last couple weeks I've been letting her pick and choose some portions of her outfits. Choosing to let her express herself in this way, and letting her make some small decisions about clothing. 

The reality for me is that I don't mind her wearing sunglasses around the house, or wearing every last necklace around her neck if it means that she gets to express herself, be a kid, learn and have fun. 

It's a small victory for me as a Mom. 

Tutu, check.

Fairy Wings check.

Happy girl using her imagination, check. 

Letting her choose and telling her when she can't wear sandals to daycare has provided us the oportunity to teach her what she can't and can't do. We've seen her listening abilities through this, and and understanding come through. 

Small victory, and I'll take it. 

Do you have an everyday victory in Motherhood you'd like to share? Tell me in the comments below!

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