December 10, 2012

Baby's Hospital Bag Must Haves

With just a little bit of a week till my due date is here, we're busy getting some last minute things together with life. It's been a busy couple of weeks for us. The first time I went to the hospital I packed my baby's hospital bag by some check list. The check list was great, but I quickly realized that baby's don't "need" a lot of stuff. They need just a few things, and most of it they already provide to you while you're staying at the hospital.

So, the second time around I packed completely different. Here's what's in my hospital bag for baby.

Baby's Hospital Bag Must Haves

A few swaddle blankets are a must, I like to have my own in my bag. I like these soft ones, and I have a few other ones from Carters that I love too.

I also like to have a few outfits besides the "going home" outfit of coarse. I really like these gowns that are open on the bottom. Quick and easy for changing.

The going home outfit is always a must have, I choose a simple heather grey one from Carters with a sweet little hat.

And even though they have all this at the hospital already I like to pack a few diapers and wipes of my own. As well as burp cloths and some pacifiers. The Avent ones are my fave. 

What are you baby bag must haves? I'd love to hear them, leave them in the comments below.


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