December 5, 2012

the time she cried through the grocery store.

so a couple weekends ago my husband was out of town for the weekend. it was the first time I'd ever been alone with Ava for an extended period of time. i wasn't worried or scared at all, i knew we'd be fine. i knew he was going to have a great time too.

we loaded him up on a plane, gave kisses and said our good-byes.


there's just some things still as a mom that i kinda dread doing solo with my child. going to the grocery store always seems to be one of them.

so i don't. most of the time, 99% of the time i go by myself to the grocery store. get my things and get home. and in some sorta weird probably mommy way going to the grocery store or target becomes like a mini retreat.

moms, are you with me?


suddenly a lackluster trip to the grocery store can be all that you needed for that day to feel re grouped and refreshed.

this particular weekend i needed to make that trip to the grocery store. so with Ava in toe, i made the tripped. scoured the parking lot till i found the grocery cart with the red car attached to her {her fave, i blame her father for starting that.}


we were all set to go, cruising  the aisles, eating our samples of crackers and apples. {thank you grocery store man for the distraction.}

when it happened.

the dreaded melt down over not wanting to ride in the red car anymore. we've been trying out some different discipline techniques with her, a few different approaches as well to how we deal and speak to her. and the limits that we set on things for her. it was like those techniques were starring me in the face saying; "how are you going to handle this?"


no mom wants to be that mom, who's kid is throwing a tantrum and fit right?

we don't want people to stare, or comment on the situation or give us that look. you know the one where they feel so sorry for you.

we don't want people to make silly comments to us and make us feel worse right?

it was like a moment of truth for me in the grocery store when she was screaming and crying to stand firm and consistent in my decision and choice of discipline.

it was a moment of bravery on this mama right here.

to know that even though she was crying, people we starring, and they were probably embarrassed for me.

to know that i was making the right decision for her and for our family.

I'm constantly in a state of reminding myself that every parent, every child and every household is so different. Instead of judging each other I long for a community of mothers who will lift each other up, encourage each other, and hopefully we'll all feel less judgement about who we are as wives, mothers and parents.

so here's my challenge for you today, the next time you see a Mom struggling in that store with her kid, or if they are crying don't stare, don't feel sorry for them. Smile at them, say a prayer for them, and if you feel brave enough tell them it's ok and that they are a good mother.

after all every kid cries, and every Mother needs to hear she's doing a good job.

My challenge for you for the rest of the week is to find 1 Mother, maybe it's your close friend or maybe it's a complete stranger at Target and tell her that's she's doing a good job. Tell her she's an awesome mother!

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