June 17, 2013

Better Nights with Good Nights

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I posted this picture on my Instagram this week with a caption that read:
"Keeping it real; saving my sanity and putting and end to the bed time madness with these."

Ava has been potty trained for the most part except for having accidents at night, and I remember right before the baby was born a lot of my friends mentioned that she might regress in her potty training once the baby was born. I was hoping that she wouldn't but open minded that she might and decided we'd take it as it came. 

Well, she regressed. She started wetting the bed during both nap time and bed time. We've tried a lot of things, like cutting her liquid intake off two hours before bed time, waking her up at night so she could use the bathroom just to name a few. Nothing was working. And I was waking up in the middle of the night to my toddler who was wet, and washing sheets daily because of this wetting. I knew something had to give.

It wasn't until I met up with some girl friends and we started talking about our kids that I mentioned the issues we were having. I also realized that my daughter is a heavy sleeper and doesn't wake herself up when she needs to go, she's also a sleep walker which has added some interesting things to the mix. 

One of my girlfriends told me that if it helped to save my sanity and make things easier that we should just put her in a pull up at night. Eventually she will learn and grow out of it, and if it saves my sanity in the mean time it was all worth it. 

This thought resonated with me ever since, and I think as parents we tend to get caught up on a lot of things when it comes to our kids and their development, especially when we always want them to be moving forward and learning new things.

Once I posted that pic on Instagram I got a ton of messages from other friends letting me know their kids had similar issues that they eventually out grew. It really helped to know there was a community of moms and other parents who had been through similar things and came out on the other side.

It reminds me as a parent that we each make the best decisions for our children no matter what everyone else is doing, but it's always night to hear that you're not alone either.

So we put Ava in Good Nights Bed time Underwear, and we haven't looked back! They are keeping her dry at night when she doesn't wake to use the bathroom. They are saving my sanity and helping me during the day.

I love that they come in a wide range of sizes, they have fun prints on them to help them not look so much like a diaper to your toddler and more like undies. They absorb really well, we've had issues with others that are similar and they've either leaked or not absorbed well at all, these do both of those jobs well.

Ava also has really sensitive skin and I'm happy to say that she hasn't had any issues with rashes with this brand. She's really taken to them well, and hasn't had any issues.

So I encourage you moms out there that may be struggling with the same issue, I would say to you; It's ok if this is the route you choose to go. You're a good mom, and eventually your child will grow out of this. Do yourself a favor and save your sanity now.

Plus Good Nights wants to offer you a special coupon so you can save even more, click here to get your exclusive coupon from Target.

Ok, so I'm intrigued to know; what are your potty training stories? What helpful tips have saved your parenting sanity? I'm convinced the more we're willing to share as mothers about what we're going through builds a community of encouragement.

Let's share & encourage each other.


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