June 19, 2013

why commenting matters & why you should be commenting.

Since writing this post, my heart has been stirring more and more.

More thoughts on story telling.

More thoughts on how I can be authentic in my writing & blogging.

More thoughts on how I can tell my story, your story and make it matter.

Make it count.

Today I want to talk about commenting. I feel like the days of commenting for most is lost. It used to be a lot of us would read a post and comment.

Now, we read posts and don't comment at all before closing the window.

Or we only comment on blogs that are bigger in the blogging community.

Or you only comment because you hope you'll be noticed by said blogger.

I don't know which category you fall into, maybe all of them?! But, I know which ones I fall into. I've felt really convicted about this the last few months.

I know just how much goes into a post, how much of your heart goes into writing something. How much time is spent editing photos, writing and brainstorming to put something together.

Here's what I came up with; if they took the time to pour their heart into this post and I'm sitting here reading it the least I can do is comment something meaningful.

Something meaningful, did you catch that?!

Please don't just post something like; "that's cool" and move on. Because really that's not genuine is it?

Commenting matters because it encourages the blogger, builds relationships and helps build community in the blogging world.

You should be commenting because you want to join in and build community too. You should be commenting because you want to add something, and build relationships and make this space as real and authentic as you can.

As a blog reader myself, I comment on every blog post I read. I comment something, I find something within that post that resonated within me and tell the author about it.

As a blog writer I respond to every comment that comes to this blog. Because it's important to me to continue building this community for what it can be.

Here's my challenge for you as a reader, comment on what you're reading. Dive into the community.

If you're a blogger and your not responding to your readers I challenge you to do so. Engage with them, challenge them, evoke conversation.

I hope it changes the way you blog, and challenges you to build community around you.


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