September 13, 2013

20+ Awesome NON Carving Ideas for Pumpkins

I love Fall, it's truly one of my favorite seasons and the one that I miss the most now that we live in the Southwest. Fall in Arizona just isn't the same as it is up North. This time of year has me longing for crisp air, leaves that change color, hot drinks while strolling through the pumpkin patch.

I love carving pumpkins. Today I've rounded up 20+ ideas for your pumpkins that don't have anything to do with carving. This year it's all about painting those pumpkins with paint, glitter, bright colors and whatever your heart desires. You can really customize your decor this way, and it's a lot of fun! Last year we painted pumpkins with each of the kids initials. We let Ava pick out pumpkins for herself and her unborn brother at the time, she painted both of them!

1. Black & White Pumpkins 
2. Black, White & Gold 
3. Monogrammed Pumpkins
4. Argyle Painted Pumpkins
5. Polka Dot Pumpkins
6. Glitter Covered Pumpkins
7. Modge Podge Pumpkins
8. House Number Pumpkins
9. Give Thanks Painted Pumpkins
10. Chevron Painted Pumpkins
11. Mini Painted Pumpkins
12. Pink & Gold Painted Pumpkins
13. Burberry Painted Pumpkin
14. Color Block Painted Pumpkins
15. Puff Painted Pumpkins
16. Paint Splattered Pumpkins
17. Spooky Words on Pumpkins
18. "Hello" Painted Pumpkin
19. Glossy Spray Painted Pumpkins
20. Bright Color Painted Pumpkins
21. Knit Covered Pumpkins
22. Paint Dipped Pumpkins
23. Mascot Painted Pumpkin
24. Ikat Pumpkin
25. Countdown to Halloween Painted Pumpkin


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