September 25, 2013

Favorite Social Media & Why I Love Them

Fave Social Media

I love social media. Some might say that as a society we're way to connected or involved in social media, but I believe everything in moderation. These tools have become my faves for connecting with family, friends and other bloggers. So today a run down of my favorite social media outlets and why I love them. 

1. Instagram (@worleyhouse)
I love pictures, I always have. I probably use Instagram the most these days. I love being able to share a quick picture and now video with everyone. Quick fun snippets of life. 

2. Twitter (@worleyhouse)
Twitter used to be my #1 but now it's a close second. I love that you can have quick conversations with people about issues or topics that are important to you. I love that I've been able to talk with favorite bloggers and even a few celebs that have replied to me. :) I also love sharing articles and blog posts this way. Choosing your words wisely is my favorite part as you've only got 140 characters to do it in!

3. Facebook (/worleyhouseblog)
There was a time when I had no intention and didn't want to join Facebook but when I moved away from family strait outta college I decided that Facebook was a great way to keep in touch. Now, it's become a fave tool of mine to not only keep in touch but it's helped my business and blog grow.

What are some of your fave social media apps and how do you use them? Leave your handles below so I can follow you too! 


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