September 16, 2013

My Fitness Journey Part 3: The Day I Stop Hating Exercising

When I first started on the journey I really didn't know how much making a healthier me would change so many aspects of my life. It's opened my eyes towards health and how to be healthier. It has made me realize that I want to be healthier for my family. For my children, and my Husband so that we can live the best life. In order to live life like I want to I knew that we needed to be a family focused on living healthy. A life that includes eating right, and being active.

Ava loves working out with Mommy. 

When I started working out that first day doing the 30 Day Shred, I wanted to die! I didn't think that I could get through it but I did. And each day after that was easier, and I got stronger in the process. The more research that I did on food and eating the more my mind changed. The more I started to see food as fuel for my body and not the enemy for the state I was in.

The more I started to exercise the less I wanted to stop and the easier it became. I stopped hating to work out and started to look forward to my daily workout. I stopped hating exercising. I started to appreciate what eating the right foods to fuel and nourish my body could do.

I stopped hating food and realized it wasn't the problem. I was, and how I using food was not fueling my body. I wasn't eating the right things, I wasn't making the most healthy options I could. As soon as I changed my eating habits I began to see these changes in my body. Less headaches, less fatigue. I started sleeping better, and overall feeling better about myself.

It was the day that I realized that it's a good thing to take care of this one body that I have. I wanted to put the right things in it as much as I can and make my body work and do all that it is capable of. I stopped looking at exercise as a punishment and stopped hating it. When I realized that I was hurting myself by not taking the very best care of me my mindset changed. I believe this is an important part in my journey, realizing that it's not a negative thing or a punishment to work out and take care of myself.

me time. 

Working out is not a punishment for your body. It's not a punishment because you ate ice cream or something else you feel guilty about. It is the start of changing your life and becoming a better and healthier you.

Taking these steps has allowed me to loose the weight that was unhealthy for my body, develop better habits that effect my over all lifestyle and completely change my body and mind set.


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