November 25, 2013

{DIY} Creating a Family Rules Sign

Three years ago when I was pregnant with Ava I read a book called Five Star Families, in this book it talked about creating a family mission statement.  (read the review here. ) I loved this book so much, and what it had to say about creating family dynamics, and growing families. After reading that book I really wanted Orion and I to create our own family mission statement.

What were going to be the standards we held our family to?

What things did we want to teach our kids?

What legacy were we going to leave when people saw our family?

We began brainstorming and writing down all sorts of things. I've kept this small notebook paper with our mission statement on it tucked away just waiting to do something with it. Here's what I came up with.

 photo FamilyRulesSignBanner_zps2b68eca2.jpg

I created my sign in PicMonkey, opened up a collage and made it grey. Then opened it in the editor and  in the basic edits changed the size. This size is an 11x14.  Then from there I just started taking the phrases we wrote down and used different fonts layered on top of each other to create this Subway art effect. 

 photo IMG_5482_zpsddfe0b22.jpg

I printed it at Staples using their engineering prints. Total cost $5! I liked the thick white border on the print so I didn't have them trim it down but you could it you wanted to. Then I picked out this frame from Target and popped my print in. 

 photo IMG_5483_zps8011b981.jpg

I read an interview once from Sherry at Young House Love, when asked the question "What's one thing every room in your house should have?" she replied, "Something personal."

I loved this, and I couldn't agree more. I really love what these words represent about us and my family. A standard that we can hold ourselves to. I hung it on the wall across from the door, so that you see it when you enter our home. It's perfect there. 


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