November 11, 2013

Drug Store Beauty Finds I'm Loving

I've been a long time fan of the drug store make up brands! I use only a few department store types of make up and the rest is MARK brand make up. Recently I've found a lot of drug store finds that I've been loving, and some I've been using for a while. I thought I'd share those with you today.

Drug Store Beauty Finds I'm Loving

1. L'OREAL Colour Riche eye shadows- I was given two of these from a party I hosted. I really loved the shades that I got and I love the pigment in these.

2. Wet N' Wild Eye Trio- I have this in Silent Treatment after hearing Emily talk about it in Beauty Broadcast. This gives a great smokey eye and I like these colors.

3. Almay Smart Shade Perfect Color Corrector- I've been using this one for a while. I have really uneven skin, lots of redness undertones as well. This helps color correct a lot of those issues. I've been using it for about a year and I really like it.

4. Maybelline BB Cream- I know there's a lot of opinions about BB cream, but I've been using this for much of the summer instead of foundation. I love how light it is, and with powder it gives me enough coverage that I need.

5. Revlon Lip Butters- These are some of my faves! Seriously, I discovered them a while back and I have 4 colors always on rotation. They are smooth like lip gloss, matte like lipstick, and give you lots of shine.

6. Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara- I picked this up and have had it for a while now. I like what it does for my lashes.

7. E.L.F Countouring Blush & Bronzer- I picked this up after hearing about it on Beauty Broadcast. I'm really loving the color of the blush in this duo.

What are some of your drugs store finds? What are you loving? Tell me in the comments below. 


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