November 1, 2013

A Small but Big Dream.

It's Friday. Oh Friday how I welcome thee. The weekend ahead, with nothing on the agenda except celebrating my sweet hubby's birthday. 

Ava and I will bake him a pie, at his request for his birthday. 

We'll do our best to be lazy but that may not happen because I've got to many projects on want to complete. 

When Orion and I got married we lived out of state from family. We lived 4 hours away from my family. During this time it was nice to be only  a few hours away and be able to make it home for parties, vacations and holidays. 

When we moved to Arizona it was a time in our lives where a lot of things were changing that were out of our control. We needed a fresh start, I was newly pregnant and we looked forward to starting a family in this new adventure. 

Once Ava was born everything changed for me. I began to miss my family even more, and longed to be closer to them. I wanted them to see Ava grow up, I wanted them to be apart of our family moments. 

If we were having coffee today I would tell you that for the last couple of years that has been my dream. A small dream. But yet a dream that seemed way to big to ever even happen. 

Orion and I last last few years have attempted many times to move out of Arizona. It's true. We've applied for jobs, sent resumes, had phone interviews all that led nowhere. Doors closed left and right, and it became clear that God had us here. 

So we started looking for a house, and decided that this is where we would be for a while. Orion got a raise at his job which we were so very thankful for, I was able to stay at home with my kids. And I quietly tucked this dream of living near family away in my heart. 

All while silently at night saying prayers to God about it. We've had sort of a "if we build it they will come" mentality. Thinking maybe just maybe the longer we live here, some of our family will move here someday. Someday.
 photo IMG_8773_zps1d72d6c8.jpg
Can I tell you something? Something so amazing, I could just cry right now as I type this! These are my Grandparents, aren't they cute?!! Yes, yes they are. 

I know not everyone is close to their grandparents, but I am extremely close to them. They have been such an important part of my life. They taught me about the Lord, my Grandmother taught me about prayer. She taught me how to sew so many years ago. My grandfather is funny, I get my quick whit from him. And I'll never forget the day he walked me down aisle on my wedding day. 
 photo IMG_8775_zpsdfa69d36.jpg
My small but very big dream is coming true this weekend. 

A dream that seemed so, so big God has had his hand in all the while. 

They are moving here. 

I almost didn't want to talk about it for fear that it just might not be true. I didn't want to rub it in to my other family, but I'm also just so excited I could burst.

And not only are they moving here, but they are moving right across the street from me and my family. 
 photo IMG_8785_zps7688960b.jpg
The Lord has long since known my desires and he has answered this prayer that I've had on my heart for so long. I am so thankful. 

I can not wait to have them close. I look forward to having them around for everyday life, holidays and everything else. 

If we were having coffee today I would tell you that even though something may seem oh so small to you, it may not be small to God. And those prayers that you think are to small to pray God wants to hear them. He wants to answer them. So go ahead, let him.


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