December 11, 2013

One of My Favorite Christmas Traditions {Recordable Story Books}

We moved to Arizona in August, and we did not go anywhere for Christmas that year. We stayed here in Arizona and it was kinda hard. But, due to lack of vacation time we stayed here. The following year we had Ava it was her first Christmas, she turned 9 months old on Christmas Eve. Again we did not go anywhere to see family for Christmas, we stayed here in Arizona and had our first Christmas as a new family. 

My parents sent along a gift package for our family and inside was the most precious gift, this recordable story book The Night Before Christmas.

As I turned each page a familiar voice read each word, then another voice read the next page, and so on till it was finished. I sat there in my living room with my baby girl and heard the voices of each of our family members. Crying like a fool cause I missed them so, and so thankful they took the time to do this. 

 photo storybook1_zps3d7e9a3e.jpg

Now, each year they record a story book and give it to my children. We're getting quite the collection and I love this Christmas tradition. 
 photo storybook2_zps5937bf70.jpg

If you live far away from family this is the perfect tradition to start with them. Sometimes I open the books when I just want to hear their voices. 

What are some of your favorite family traditions around the holidays?


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