December 27, 2013

{Year in Review} New Blogs I've Come to LOVE in 2013

Hey everyone! While I'm enjoying the last few days of 2013 I thought we'd take a few minutes to round up some of my favorites from 2013. Today we're talking blogs I've come to love in 2013. 

Ya'll know I love finding a good new blog to read. And in true 'Year in Review' fashion today I'm gonna tell you all about the TOP 13 new to me blogs I've found this year that I've been loving. 

So hopefully you have a free moment to sit down and waste some time on the internet because you're gonna want to. Tell your husband to watch the kiddos. Go find your fave spot in your home. Grab your favorite drink and a snack and let's get to it! 

Click the banners and links below to visit these blogs. 

The Busy Budgeting Mama


Love of Family & Home

Chatting at the Sky
Beach Babe Fitness
Brookie Babble
The Mom Digitty
Gal Meets Glam
House of Rose
J's Everyday Fashion
Do you have a favorite blog? Leave me the link in the comments below, I'm always looking for new favorites! 

Christmas is just a few days away! Who's excited?!!!


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