December 3, 2013

Our Christmas Advent Calendar

 photo ChristmasAdvent1_zpsea057ac2.jpg
This year I was excited to introduce some new family traditions into our home. One of which was adding a Christmas Advent calendar. I whipped up my own with some supplies I already had around the house and added some fun activities for us to do. Here's how I made mine. 
 photo ChristmasAdvent2_zpsdef7b63c.jpg
The supplies I used are listed above. The paper bags were a purchase from Pick Your Plum. I made mine for 25 days ending on Christmas. I used index cards to write each of our activities on. 
 photo ChristmasAdvent3_zpsae207a88.jpg
Then I used the silver seals that I got in the dollar spot at Target and wrote the numbers on them. After I was done I punched a hole in them on the side.
 photo ChristmasAdvent4_zpsdb0b3a3d.jpg
I grabbed some ribbon I had on hand, cut them in strips and looped them on to the cards. 
 photo ChristmasAdvent5_zpse2565dfa.jpg
 photo ChristmasAdvent6_zps9f33422e.jpg
Repeat the steps till all your ribbons are tied and place the cards inside your bags. 
 photo ChristmasAdvent7_zps0f061778.jpg
I used bakers twine and clothes pins to hang them up. 
 photo ChristmasAdvent8_zps16822dc1.jpg
I found these awesome gold bows at Wal-Mart and added them to the ends of each string. 
 photo ChristmasAdvent7_zps7757789e.jpg
We've been having fun so far doing the activities on the cards. Here's the ideas that are on each card; 

  1. Decorate the tree
  2. bake cookies
  3. hot cocoa & stories
  4. send out Christmas cards
  5. take a picture in front of the tree
  6. build a gingerbread house
  7. set up Nativity scene
  8. write letters to Santa
  9. drive around and see Christmas lights
  10. buy toys for children in need
  11. read the Night Before Christmas
  12. make candy pretzels
  13. make paper snowflakes & watch ELF
  14. wrap Christmas gifts together
  15. go see Santa
  16. make festive garlands to hang up
  17. go to a tree lighting
  18. make Christmas gifts for Ava's teachers
  19. make a festive holiday breakfast
  20. paint our nails red
  21. make a snowman
  22. pay for someone's coffee
  23. watch Christmas movies with the cousins
  24. make ornaments
  25. read the Christmas story of Jesus' birth, prayer and open gifts
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