June 10, 2008

Date Night!

Hubby, and I have decided to pick a night of the week for date night, and stick to it. We've been saying for a really long time that we want to do a date night, but sometimes life and laziness get s in the way of good ideas. We've done two weeks in a row now on Thursday nights (that's our designated night) and they have been so much fun. It's so nice to finally have some time set aside that you know is coming up to get excited for, and spend quality time together. We decided that we'd trade off weeks of planning date night. Two weeks ago, Hubby planned the first one, and then last week it was my turn.

It can be anything; cheap, easy, fancy, or doing nothing at all but hanging out at home with a movie and just being together is always a good thing! My votes are for cheap and easy. If you know me, you know I'm cheap and a bargain hunter. Now there are some things in life worth splurging for; like honeymoons! (guys; don't go cheap on this one) But when having a date night weekly sometimes that can get expensive, so think creative, think cheap & easy, but will say a lot.

So while I've been on my search for fun, cheap, easy dates it's been interesting to find all these free or cheap ideas around the Twin Cities. I thought I'd just pass them along to you, so you too can enjoy date night with your hubby or wife soon!

PS- if you don't live in Minneapolis, don't worry just "google" these same ideas in your hometown or city and I'm sure you'll come up with something.

Loring Park, Minneapolis. Located next to Hennipin Ave. This is a great park full of ton to do. There's art fairs in the summer, movies in the park too...all for free. It's also a great place to take a walk, enjoy the flowers, maybe play some basketball on the courts there. There's a small little lake there, and an observation deck to overlook. This is a perfect place for a picnic. There's also coffee shops right across the street where you can grap a latte' and go walking. Check out the site for a free schedule of the Movies in the Park, playing every Monday starting in July.

Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis. Famed for it's Lake, and walking trails...this is a perfect spot for swimming, walking, roller blading, and much more. Check out the site for a complete list of things this park has to offer.

Uptown is one of my favorite places to go. Right off of Hennipin Ave in Minneapolis. There's all kinds of great restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping to be had here. Some of my favorite stores are located here. It's always fun to make a night of it, and eat at a restaurant and then grab some coffee and start walking around to all the shops, bookstores and cute little furniture places to get ideas for your home. My picks; for dinner: Filios & Chino Latino. For dessert; Zenos Cafe'...they have the best desserts and coffee.

Cinema Grill in New Hope; this is fresh take on dinner & a movie. You actually go into the theatre sit down and eat at compfy tables, order dinner and watch the movie from there. Their movie ticket prices are cheaper than a regular theatre!

Minneapolis Sculpture Gardens, one of my favorites and one of Minneapolis' finer attractions. Take an afternoon, make a picnic, and enjoy the art. Bring a camera and take fun pictures with your lover!

Centennial Lakes; you can go here and take part in mini golf, paddle boats, and a ton of other fun activities. Download the summer schedule and enjoy free concerts, and movies in the park as well.

These are just a few of my favorite date night things to do. And just for added fun I've included some great little articles from The Nest enjoy these; happy planning and have love fest!
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