June 17, 2008

Taking A Breath!

We've had a busy, busy weekend...but it was sooo much fun!!! Here's a little re-cap of the happenings! Friday night was the Preliminary night for the Miss Minnesota Competition. It was so fun seeing Angie on stage, she did a great job. And I am happy to announce that Angie took home the title of Miss Minnesota 2008!!! We couldn't be more happy for her! I'll be headed to Miss America in January to support her.

Early Saturday morning (about 5AM) Orion and I trekked it to Iowa for my Family Reunion! We have one every two years, and this year it was in Iowa. Which was nice, I haven't been to a reunion in like 4 years due to living to far away and not being able to afford to go. So I was excited and happy to see some of my family that I haven't seen for a long time. My Aunts, Uncles and cousins came from all over. From Mississippi, and Oregon. It was an exciting day of food, family, laughter, games, and lots and lots of pictures were taken. Orion got to meet the rest of my extended family for the first time. It was really good to see my Aunt & Uncle from Oregon, they weren't able to make it to our wedding last summer. I haven't seen them in 4 years. It always nice to know that even after so long, we're still family and it doesn't matter how long we all go with out seeing each other it all comes back, and I might be a little biased but I think my family is great! We all have our quirks which makes us family, and love each other all the more. Saturday night we all headed out to my Mom's house for more food, bon fires, and chatting.

Sunday, was my Mom's 50th Birthday party with all the family. For a year my brothers and my sister and I have been planning this bash. It was getting down to the wire last week, and I was concerned about all the little details, but they all came together. The party was so fun, right down to the cake! We read letters to my Mom us kids, telling her how much we loved her, her brothers and sister did a little presentation for her. It was a really fun day! I'm glad we were all able to pull it off. My Mom was really surprised, and impressed, and I know she felt loved by everyone there. I was so excited to have all my siblings there to share it all with them, and do something really great for our Mom who's given all of us so much. My brother Sam, who's joined the Air National Guard has been down in Des Moines helping with the flooding, and sand bagging efforts since last Thursday. There was a chance that he wouldn't be able to come, because of his duties. He made it though, and we were so happy to have him there. We're so proud of Sam, and what he's doing to serve the state of Iowa, and our country. If you think about it, pray for the families in Iowa who have lost everything due to flooding. It's still really bad, and they are doing everything they can to help stop the flow of water. It's all to familiar to my family, who was greatly effected by the floods of '93. But my parents house is safe today from flooding. But tons of fields, and homes around us are destroyed. Keep them all in your prayers!

After the party we all once again headed to my parents house to continue on the night of family fun. We finally came back to Iowa Monday afternoon. It was a nice mini vacation! My grandparents came up with us for the day to see our new house. I was happy to have them there to give them the grand tour and share that part of our life with them. After some coffee and chit chat they headed back on the road to Iowa. Here's a little picture of Orion and I at my Mom's birthday party! It was a fun little bash, and Orion and I matched! And below, a picture of Orion and I with my Grandparents. It was so good seeing them again. I'm blessed to have seen them two summers now in a row, since they live in Oregon now. In 3 years the family will join up again to celebrate Gramps 80th Birthday!! I can't wait to help him blow out the candles!This weekend was a blast, so fun being home and celebrating Angie's win! Next up a busy week with a wedding at the end of it. I'm getting all glitzed up in a dress & and heels to help celebrate Paige & Joe! Toodles!


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