June 5, 2008

Old Married Lady

We're coming up on 11 months of marriage here in The Worley house! I can't believe how fast it's gone by, to think next month we'll be married a year! It's crazy to think! I remember going from the day thinking; "my wedding can't get here fast enough." To now thinking; "where has the time gone?" There are so many little lessons that I have learned about marriage, myself, and my husband in the last 11 months. Lesson #1: everything will change! I remember in pre-marital counseling our Pastors asking us what we thought would change in our relationship after we got married. We weren't naive to think things wouldn't change, but I can say in honesty that I didn't know "everything" would change. It's true, once you're married things change. Even things you thought were "strenghs" in your relationship somehow change, and you don't think you're as strong in an area as maybe you thought.

Lesson #2: everything old, is new again! Even though Orion and I dated for two and a half years, and I thought we knew each other pretty good. I didn't think that there was anything else that I could know or be surprised by. But once we were married, came back from our honeymoon and real life settled in. I realized how much I was getting to know Orion all over again as a man, a husband, and as my partner in life.

My friend always says; "marriage is the most rewarding hard work I've ever done." When she said that to me it summed up a lot of what I was feeling, and I have repeated that same phrase to many when they have asked me; "How's married life?" It's amazing, awesome, wonderful, eye-opening, and so much more! But, she's right..... it's hard at times, and sometimes you don't understand the other, and want to give up, and might now want to work it out right then. But when you do, it's so rewarding and you feel closer to your spouse each and every time you climbed over one hurdle to the next.

Even though we have many years of marriage ahead of us to come, I feel stronger, and more connect to Orion now at this point in life than I ever did in two and a half years of dating! I can't wait to the next 100 years of life together!


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