June 10, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Orion is playing slow pitch softball again this summer at church. They play Monday nights, and the past couple weeks have been rainy, and or I have not felt like going to a 8 o'clock game. But, last night I decided to go and support and cheer on my Hubby and the team. It was a beautiful night, and it's always a blast to sit with the other wives (last year I was just a finance') and everyone there. I'm more social when it comes to these kinds of events, I'm not to interested in the game as much as I am talking to the people around me!

They played two games last night (they usually do), and were really close both times, but ended up losing the two games. All in all it was so fun hanging out at the game and watching my Hubby play, he's #1 obviously. (no, seriously...that's his jersey number) While at the game of course I snapped some pictures. Here's a few of my faves from the night, Enjoy:

Eunice and I at the game

Orion up to bat!

Base hit!

Eunice and I chillin' at the game.

My cute Hubby!

He's #1

Me and Orion after the game Monday night.

So, if you're ever looking for us on a Monday night, or want something to do...come on over to the fields. I'll be there cheering on the team, along with the rest of the amazing peeps from HPC!!


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