June 9, 2008

Little Bits....

We had a busy weekend in the Worley House once again, this time we were in Minnesota for all of it. Summer is one of those busy times of the year, there's so much going on, and so many things to do. Thus far, our summer has been busy, busy, and full of fun. Here are some highlights from the weekend:
- Friday night I shot Prom pictures for Broadway High School in Minneapolis. Orion came along and acted as my assistant for the night, such fun working together!

- Saturday morning I did mock interviews with Cornerstone Communication. I interviewed 5 hope fulls for the Miss Minnesota title. The Miss Minnesota pageant will be help this weekend.

- Saturday evening, Hubby and I prepared a wonderful meal and had our friend Jimmy over, we hoped to keep him company while Jessie is out of town. I made a Italian meal, that turned out to be wonderful. I hate cooking Italian when Jimmy comes over, (he's Italian and it's always intimidating) But, he liked it, and was amazed. I felt accomplished!

- Sunday, church rocked!! Courtney did a harmonica solo...seriously who knew! It was awesome. Pastor Tory preached an amazing sermon.

- Sunday afternoon we celebrated Pastor Tory's birthday with a fiesta!

- Sunday later afternoon, I trekked it to the hotel with the Miss Twin Cities committee to check Angie in for the week of Miss Minnesota! We're so excited for her, she's going to do awesome. I can't wait for the pageant.

-Sunday later afternoon, while I was gone Hubby cleaned the gutters, patio and built my desk. He's amazing!

- Sunday night, Hubby and I settled in. He watched the Lakers vs. Celtics game and I unpacked and organized my closet & office.

It was a busy, but so fun weekend! Next up; family reunion, and Miss Minnesota pageant all this coming weekend! I'm excited, if life ever slowed down I think I'd be bored!


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