August 25, 2008

about last night...

Some random ramblings from this past weekend:
- Friday Orion and I chilled, picked up my much awaited Bridesmaid dress from David's, bought a shower gift, and I finished planning my games for Jessie's shower, wrapped shower gifts, put all my stuff together for Saturday, and had coffee with our Pastor!
- Saturday Orion worked at the hotel, I got myself together and headed to the shower. Saturday afternoon was Jessie's shower. It was such fun! I'm so excited to spend this time with her as she plans her big day! She had a great turn out, people love her and it was good to see it and be apart of it all. (more to come on this later)
Saturday night we all headed to Celebration to hear Jimmy preach! He did great! Then we all headed to "our" spot Chili's in B'ville for some chips n salsa and conversation! So much fun, great food, with great friends! I am thankful for the great friends we have in our lives.
- Sunday, we went to church, headed to the picnic. Brought Bentley to meet everyone! He's a hit, they love him and so do we! Came home Sunday afternoon and hit the garage to clean. Now, we haven't really cleaned the garage since we moved into our house. Other than putting shelves up and throwing stuff on them. But we tackled the garage on Sunday. We're a good team. I loved it. One pile for throw away, one for Good Will and another for Orion to go threw and pitch! I also organized my closets, made fresh salsa per the request of Hubby, and we watch the closing ceremonies. Such a good day, tiring by the end of the weekend. But I am so glad we got stuff done that we'd been putting off for weeks.
Next weekend it's off to Wisconsin for my much awaited girls weekend! I can't wait.


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