August 6, 2008

Real Simple: Life made easier

Don't you wish that was the slogan of your life? Maybe it already is! This is actually to slogan from Real Simple magazine. And how perfect is that?

I'm a real big believer in simple. I don't like drama in my life, I try to stay as far as it as possible, I don't mind that I lead a fairly normal and simple life, I am not extravagant (except for maybe when I dawn my pageant attire) but for the most part I love my simple life.

While I've realized that my life maybe simple, the problems or people in it may not be. There's drama around all of us from time to time. And sometimes you just want to run away rather than deal right away.

God didn't tell us life would be perfect, or that we would never worry, have stress, or want to pull our hair out sometimes. (or maybe someone Else's)

But he did tell us we could trust him, lean on him and that he would guide us through it. Through him we have an outlet, where there is strength and encouragement. I know that no matter what on my knees is where the road to "simple" begins and "I" end.

This is where I want to be. So when there's chaos in my life, or in the lives around me, when I world seems like it's crumbling around the people I love; prayer is where I find myself. And that my friends is as simple as it gets!


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