August 18, 2008

Stephanie & Brian

This past weekend I traveled home for a wedding. I love weddings, and I especially when they are for two amazing people. That was Stephanie & Brian! I've known Stephanie since high school, we were best of friends, were in cheerleading together, shared a love for Brueggers Bagels, and spent Friday game night shopping before cheering. We've had so many fun memories together. Brian and Steph have been together for what seems like forever, and through all of their ups and downs, they finally have their happily ever after, and it couldn't have happened to two better people.
It was so fun to see her so happy and so in love. They had the most adorable wedding. The ceremony alone was beautiful, and they pulled out all the stops at the reception. Every cute detail you can imagine having at your wedding they did. Everything from a kids dinner table with hot dogs, apple sauce and juice packs, complete with individual cakes at each table with different flavors to get guest mingling.

Here's a few pictures from the day!

Mr. & Mrs.

congrats to the newlyweds!

the cute little cakes at each table

he did smash cake in her cute.

boquet toss.

garter toss.

high school reunion
me and my sister
me and the beautiful bride


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