August 8, 2008

Date Night!

I know you've heard me talk about date night before. It's a thing that Orion and I have been doing since we got married. It's the best part of the whole week, and has really been very rewarding for us to have that 1 night alone for us. Sometimes we go out to eat, other times we trade off weeks planning "date night", and sometimes it's low key right at home. But either way it's free of cell phones, t.v. and other ditractions. Just us, and so great!Last night was date night, at one of our favorite places. Rudy's Red Eye Grill in Rosemount. We discovered this little gem while out shopping for gifts for our wedding party. Loved it ever since, and everytime we go, we think of people we know who would love this place as well.
Orion got a massive burger, and I was happy to sit and watch him try and eat it. He managed! I got cherry coke, and tried something new! We laughed and talked, and had a great time. All things that you should have on date night. It's been an especially long, difficult week for us, so this was very much needed!


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