August 19, 2008

She's Preggo!!!

My BFF is preggo with baby #2 on the way due in April!!! I can't believe it, I'm beyond excited for them. They just found out they are having baby Breit #2 just a few days ago. Their baby girl Ellie turned 1 this past July. You may have heard me talk about her in this post. When I saw her in August she was with child, she didn't know it, and neither did I. But after that visit her, Ben and Ellie jetted off to Cali for a vacay with family, and came home and it was appearant something was going on. She found out a few days later she was pregnant!! I had to read the text she sent me like 3 different times, in a matter of minutes before calling her to get the scoop on all this baby making! She was going to wait till out BESA weekend to tell all of us, but word travels fast when you're expecting this kind of news. I'm glad she told us, even though my Hubby knew before I did! He didn't even say a word, he kept her little secret well. I'm so happy. Now all morning I've been thinking thoughts of blues, pinks, and planning a baby shower! I can't wait. Ben & Sara make great kids.... I can't wait to meet another one of their creations!


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