August 27, 2008


If you've been reading my photography blog, you know where I'm going with this. If you haven't I just wanted to say that I am so excited about the changes I've been making with my photography business. In the last year, I've been realizing my goals aren't to make a million dollars, or be a crazy business woman. But to simply give people great photographs they can be proud of, and preserve their memories from those moments in life! I hope in the last year, as I've been getting things off the ground I've been able to do that for the people I've worked with so far.

I'm realizing sometimes to make money (not that I want to make a fortune) you have to spend money! Which brings me to the changes: this past month I did a web redesign. I went with a different host and provider, designed it myself, and now the new site is up and running! Hope you all have had a chance to view it and give your feedback.

Next up are the promo cards. My friend Courtney designed them...she's pretty good! Here's a preview:

If you want to see more click here.

Needless to say I am excited about the changes I am making and the possibilities that await! I'm excited to spend the next year expanding and growing! It's going to be a good year!!!


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