September 28, 2009

Eric & Meliessa's Wedding

Do you ever go to a wedding and just feel the love, and know that these two were made for each other? This was that kinda wedding!

My first and only attempt at match making, ended up in success this past weekend with the marriage of our really good friends Eric & Meliessa to each other. Eric is one of Orion's really great friends, they were roommates and Eric was in our wedding too. I became friends with Eric through my husband and the 3 of us have hung out so much, shared a lot together and a lot of laughs. Enter Meliessa, my husband met Meliessa when they were both in Masters Commission together in Florida for 3 years. I met Meliessa through her sister Sara, who just happens to be my BFF and former college roomie. It's a small world we live in.

Sara and I started dreaming about two years ago how perfect we thought the two would be together. Since that day, we started dreaming up ways to get the two together to hang out whenever we could. The result; soon they started dating, fell in love and now are getting married!

Orion and I couldn't be more happy for two people. It's so awesome when two great people find each other, and it's just PERFECT!! The wedding was so emotional, beautiful and magical! You have to really know the two to understand just what I'm saying. There's no two better people that could have found each other than Eric & Meliessa.

Congrats you guys we love you and are so thankful that we could be apart of your special day!
Bride & Groom
Me & Sara; matchmakers!
Yeah! They are married!
Us with the happy couple!

Me and Orion


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