September 20, 2009

A Week With Grandma & Mom

I've been M.I.A for the last few days, and for good reason! My Mom & Grandma came to visit us last week. They spent a whole week with Orion and I, I feel really blessed and lucky to have them here. I didn't think we'd have visitors so soon. My Mom flew my Grandma out here for her 75th Birthday, so she could spend it with friends and family.

Celebrating Grandma's Birthday with her friends in Prescott, Arizona.
Mom, Grandma and Me.
Orion and I had our first ultrasound the week they were here. They got in on the fun too!
Mom & Grandma.
Celebrating Grandma's 75th Birthday at Red Lobster (her favorite place)
Mom and I at a Diamondbacks game the day before she went home.

I miss them already, I kept trying to get them to move here!!! But, I'm guaranteed they will be back in March for baby Worley's arrival!


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