September 22, 2009

Travel Light & Travel Right

My husband and I love traveling, we haven't taken a BIG trip probably since we got married and went on our honeymoon. But, in the last year we've made short week(end) trips to Las Vegas, Sacramento, Kansas, Dallas, Phoenix and of coarse home to Iowa.

Since the new laws of the airports are changing our traveling ways have also changed. I haven't payed for checked luggage in almost a year. If you going on a couple weeks vacation over seas or on a cruise I can see checking luggage, but for week trips and weekend flights packing in our carry on is doable! We've been doing this all year so far, and at first I wasn't all about it. I wanted the option to bring whatever I wanted that would fit into my suitcase and not over 50lbs. I wanted every comfort of home when I travel. But, I must admit I love not paying for luggage and even though it forces me to plan a little more for my trips I love not having an excess of stuff.

Here's some Worley House tips for Traveling Right & Traveling Light:
*Have a regulation size carry on, you don't want those angry airport people telling you that you have to check your bags after you get on your flight. I love hard case luggage because they throw your luggage around so much, it helps protect your stuff. Invest once in great luggage, it'll last forever. And if you plan on always packing this way, then just invest in 1 piece. It's cheaper.
*Remember the 3 oz. rule when traveling. Have all your toiletries in 3 oz. containers in a quart size clear bag. You can buy these containers anywhere, Wal-Mart, The Container Store or Storables just to name a few. No more spending money on travel shampoos that you aren't going to use all of it anyway. This way you can refill them and save money.

*Most hotels have pretty much everything you need these days. Call ahead and make sure you're room has an iron and board, a blow dryer and anything else you think you might need that you don't want to pack. It will help save room in that suitcase.

*Plan outfits ahead of time. This is the one that kills me every time, but if you plan what you're going to wear you won't over pack. I always bring a couple extra pairs or underwear, socks, or lounge pants just in case. I always bring a bag for laundry, your hotel also will have these bags if you don't want to bring them.

We're traveling this weekend, we're headed up to Wisconsin for a friends wedding. We will be carrying on and not checking luggage at all. I'm off to start my packing & planning....................

What tips do you have for when you travel?



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