March 17, 2010

BC Challenge Week #11

For this weeks challenge I had to find some way to remember the sizes of some shoes that I bought for Baby Worley a while back. I'm not sure why they don't print the sizes of the shoes on all baby shoes but some brand don't. So how is a new Mom supposed to remember what size these pretty red ones are?

So, I decided to take a cue from my Mom who often wrote on our clothing in Sharpie.

I wrote down the sizes on a few pairs that didn't have them on the insides near the tags, so that I would be able to remember them. This way they will also be hidden to anyone. See below:
Pretty easy, and hopefully they will not fade.
PS- Aren't these shoes adorable? I got them on sale at Sears for $2.99 each! Such a steal for some cute shoes! I wish my shoes were that price!

BC Challenge
Week #11


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