March 22, 2010

Blog Roll Monday: Cakes by Andrea

I don't know how she does it, she's an artist for sure and her cakes are delicious works of art. Almost to pretty to eat...almost! My Mom found Andrea Rouse at a craft show in Iowa, and we had her out to our house for a cake testing when I was engaged and in the market for a wedding cake. I don't usually like cake much, so I was a little nervous to try a bunch of cake not being a fan of cake really.

Andrea came over with these adorable little cakes in all kinds of flavors and designs for us to try and I took one bite and became the BIGGEST fan of her! Besides the yummy cakes she made, who could resist working with another lady that has your name? I couldn't! I'm glad we picked her and my family and I have been using her ever since for all of our confectionery needs! She made my Mom's 50th Birthday cake, both my brother's graduation cakes, my baby shower cake and my Brother's wedding cake this past January. We heart her, and ever since we've become good friends, I've photographed her adorable children and enjoy every encounter I have with Miss Rouse.

So, if you're in the market for a cake and live in Central Iowa promise me you'll check out her site and give her a jingle if you need a cake!

And if you don't live in Iowa, jump on over to her site and drool over her cake goodness!

photos: Andrea Rouse


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