March 1, 2010

Blog Roll Monday: A Love Worth Waiting For

I found Daniel & Lyndsie's blog while reading another blog (isn't that awesome how that happens) I was instantly hooked and as many of you know when I find a new blog I read every last single post to "catch up" and get the full story behind the blog. This was no exception, I fell in love with this couple.

They share anything and everything from their amazing wedding video, prayers for others, and family high lights.

I don't know them, but they have the most amazing love story. Something right out of a Nicholas Sparks novel, but only better cause the characters are real! Daniel & Lyndsie are newlyweds, married last April. Lyndsie has an inspiring story of overcoming not one but two bouts of ovarian cancer, she has an amazing attitude, perspective and outlook and she's so positive. Her and her Hubby Daniel have one amazing love story about how love conquers all, and most importantly the Love of our Heavenly Father!

I feel blessed and inspired every time I read their blog. Take a peek, I know that you won't be disappointed. You may even feel inspired yourself!

Click on the button above to read their blog, and pick up their button and post it on your blog to share!

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