March 21, 2010

Visitors in Sunny AZ!

This past weekend we had visitors in town. My best friend Sara, her baby girl Macie, and her sister Meliessa were all in town for a visit. Sara and her daughter stayed with Orion and I. I was giddy wit excitement for the last couple weeks anticipating her visit. I wish Ava was here already to join in the fun, but we'll have to save that for another visit.

I miss her already, but I feel so blessed and thankful that she was able to come and see a little bit of our lives here in Arizona now. We shopped, lunched, and laughed a lot this weekend. Took advantage of the warm Arizona sun and hung out by the pool, and had many chats about soon impending Motherhood!

Love you girls! Come back to visit us again soon! Here's some pictures from their time here:
Hanging out Friday morning.
Nap time!
Me & Macie by the pool Friday afternoon.
Mother & Daughter
Orion teaching everyone the art of eating Edammae
Sara & Macie @ West Gate
Love them!

She's such a smiley and good baby!
Sara doing her best to soak up the AZ sun!
Yummy smoothies with your bestie! What could be better?!!

The next time we see each other I will have a baby girl of my own to add to the mix of Sara's two baby girls! They will be best friends too, they don't have a choice! :)


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