March 31, 2010

Miss Ava is 1 Week Old Today

I can't believe how fast a week has flown by with our girl Ava. Can't believe a week ago today, I was in the hospital about to give birth to our baby girl, and Orion and I's lives would change forever in the best possible way.

She's already had so many milestones in this last week, I want to take pictures of them all and document them as best I can.

Already this week she's pooped all over Daddy, peed on Mommy, made tons and tons of silly and great faces. Smiled at us, and melted our hearts in more ways than one.

I find myself watching her sleep, and not sleeping myself because I am to busy watching her sleep. We've been adjusting to life with Ava, sleepless nights, mastering the fine art of breast feeding and getting to know what it's like to be a family of three.
With Grandma & Great Grandma

With Great Grandma Hazel, I'm so glad she was able to come out and meet Ava.
Sleepy Girl.
I'm so forever grateful that I have such good help here with me for the next two weeks. I'm not sure what I would have done with out them here to help us and me during the day. Orion gets to take two week paternity leave after my family leaves, so I'm looking forward to having him here for two weeks to spend with Ava and I.

I took part 1 of Ava's newborn pictures today before she peed all over the blanket and we had to take a break. Sneak peak of those coming soon!

Until then, Happy 1 week birthday to my little girl! I've fallen in love with you already!- Love, Mommy!


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