February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day + A Share the Love Recap

Happy Valentine's Day Sweet friends!

I shared a couple weeks ago about teaming up with some awesome ladies in the blogosphere to come together and Share the Love. {read more about that here} For the last couple weeks I've been challenged myself, and I've challenged my family as well to go beyond ourselves and think about others first.

I'm reminded of this Mother Theresa quote, "Do small things with great Love." That's the challenge at least it was for me. Think small. Love doesn't have to be grand, it can be there's nothing wrong with it. But often times I think we think to big and miss it all together.

Love is in the details. The small things, the small ways you show love, appreciation and caring to others. That's love. That's meaningful.

I love taking care of people, having them into my home for a meal, we love to entertain others. I hosted a Valentine's Cookie play date with some mammas and their littles.

I went through all my maternity clothing and packed it up for a friend. I also went through all Ava's old clothing and sent a box off to a friend who has a little girl younger than Ava.

Ava and I whipped up a bath of cupcakes for Daddy to take to his co-workers.

 photo vdaymugswap_zps30238752.jpg

I participated in a #vdaymugswap with Rags to Stitches & Sew Caroline and met a brand new blogger that I wouldn't have met otherwise. I got paired up with Leslie from 17westlane, Thank you Leslie for my mug and fun goodies! 

 photo packages_zpsced1648b.jpg

I sent some goodies to some unsuspecting friends. Aren't surprise packages the best?!

We bought some items for our missionaries to sent over seas to help them. I loved shopping for all the items on their list and pray that it helps them make it feel more like home. We love supporting our missionaries.

Most importantly I learned myself and my family need to make sure we do all that we can to share love all year long with others around us. This will hold us accountable all year.

Now, it's your turn to tell me how you "Shared the Love" this month. Link up your posts below, I can't wait to see how you've expressed love to others.


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