February 28, 2013

the spirit of influence

 photo avasshoes_zps04e323d5.jpg

I posted this picture last week on Instagram with a caption that read:
"Ava asked to wear these shoes because they are the same ones Alice wears. Isn't is crazy how they can influenced at such a young age?"

I posted this picture and all day I couldn't stop thinking about the spirit of influence. How people and things influence us good or bad in the decisions we make for our lives. The choices we make.

Most of my adult life has been spent mentoring and influencing young women. Today I am reminded that maybe my most important influencing relationship is the one that I have with Ava.

I am called to influence her.

It made me think as a mother what my spirit of influence will be. I am reminded that I get to influence her in the best way.

Will she be strong and confident because I am and that's what I've taught her?

Will she know right from wrong because I've taken the time to influence her?

Will she know and love the Lord because her Dad and I have modeled it for her?

There are so many influences in our world, most importantly as her parents I want us to have a strong influential voice in her life.

Such a small and seemingly insignificant comment challenges me as a mother to make sure my influence in her life is strong.

Serves a purpose, a purpose for Christ.

Who is in your sphere of influence today? How has God called you to influence him or her? 


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