October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Have you tucked those kiddos in bed yet and raided their candy?

I've never been the biggest fan of Halloween, I like the dress up (duh!) but beyond that I'm not really a fan. However, it was really fun walking around the neighborhood tonight with the kids. Watching Ava collect candy, she was really excited. 

My husband's job gave them a half day today, paid! Love his employers so much. I mean who does that?!? Seriously so thankful for his job, it's such a blessing. 

 photo Halloween2013_zpsc2544b58.jpg

Meet Princess Sofia and Mr. T! We've been planning this Mr. T costume for months. I think he pulled it off nicely. 

 photo Halloween20132_zpse8b0d3db.jpg

I mean right! 
 photo MRT_zps4fc2ea4d.jpg
Ava has been wearing her Princess Sofia outfit for at least two weeks now. We went trick or treating a little earlier tonight so that we could go back home and pass out candy for the kids. When we ran out of candy I heard Ava say to Orion, "Dad let's give them some of my candy, it's good to share with your friends." 

Oh melt my heart! That girls spirit is amazing. And I love hearing that she's learning and getting it when we talk about sharing and giving to others here in the Worley House. 

 photo IMG_5591_zps570e171b.jpg

How did you spend Halloween? What did your kids dress up as? Next year we're totally rocking a family costume I've decided. 


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