April 20, 2011

Date Your Mate Challenge Week #1

Hello Everyone!

This week, I'm taking on Erin's Date Your Mate Challenge {DYMC} over at Bringing Up Burns. What is DYMC you ask? Well you can read the full deets here.

Date Your Mate Challenge - Week #1 Don't Worry, Be Happy

This week, do something that lets your mate know they are appreciated and nurtured. Something that lets him know you are all together in LOVE with the institution of marriage - and HIM! Think of something you know will make him happy, and DO IT!

I'm trying to get back to the little things, that made us fall in love. The little things that we did for each other to make life special while dating. You know all those small ways you let you boyfriend/girlfriend know while you were dating how much you loved and cared about them? While you were still in your honeymoon stage and everything was coming up roses?!!

Yeah that stage!

I'll be the first to admit, that Orion and I have been  through a lot in these last two years. And somewhere in the middle of it all we've been just trying to survive instead of really thriving in our marriage. We've often neglected our marriage and our relationship for the church, the ministry, and going through all these life changes.

We haven't been on a real date since our anniversary last year. Isn't that awful!?!

Yes, I'll raise my hand and say it is.

We actually just sat down this weekend, and had a real come to Jesus discussion about our marriage. What do we want from it? What does the other need from the other? What are our goals? How are we going to get there?

It won't be over night. It may take some time.

But we love each other, and we're willing and ready to place some much needed importance on US again.

So for this week's challenge I did something really small.

I made Orion's lunch for work this week.

I don't usually make his lunch, usually it's a scramble in the morning getting out the door and throw lunch together from leftover's the night before. And he usually does it himself.

This week I took the time to make his lunches and think about the snacks and foods he loves and made lunch. And then I slipped these little guys into his lunch for a little somethin' special!

It didn't take long.

But it did make an impact.

And made the Hubs happy and he felt loved and cared for.

I'm excited to continue this challenge week to week and see what other ideas bloggers are coming up with!

You can link up and follow along the challenge too, go here:

Date Your Mate Challenge

Thanks Erin for a really cute idea and a wonderful challenge!


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