April 5, 2011

{DIY} Fun Ribbon Flip Flops

This is a fun little project I whipped up for my friend's daughters birthday. I wanted to make something fun to giver her on her birthday, something girly and something cute. I've seen a lot of flip flops in the stores adorned with jewels, ribbons, and lots of other fun things I decided that I would dress up a pair of my own. 

Perfect! And made with love, what could be better?!!

This is a really simple project, you can do this for adults too not just kid size flip flops. This is only a method you can use any supplies you want. Here's what I used:


{Here's what you need}
- flip flips any size
- ribbon
- rhinestones, jewels, buttons or something to decorate then with
- hot glue

{Here's what you do}
- cut your ribbon into 3 inch strips. I cut my ends on an angle to make them look a little more finished.
- decide on a pattern you want to do with your ribbon. I did 5 in a row alternating each color. 
- tie them in a simple knot, and add a dab {small amount} of hot glue underneath and secure the ribbon. Keep doing this in your pattern till you're done.
- then adorn with your rhinestones or decorations

Then sit back and admire what you've just done, and how the little girl will feel that wears them! So cute!

Here's what they look like when you're all done


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